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International conference: Video documenting of the intangible cultural heritage and short videos for ICH registers

mjesto održavanja: Slovenski etnografski muzej, Metelkova 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia
datum početka/završetka: 25.09.2014. / 26.09.2014.
organizator: Slovenski etnografski muzej

The Slovene ethnographic museum, a Coordinator for the protection of intangible cultural heritage in Slovenia, organizes an international conference on video documenting of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and videos for national and Unesco registers. The event will take place in Ljubljana on the 25th - 26th September 2014.

Short videos (5-10 minutes) on intangible cultural heritage phenomena as part of national and Unesco ICH registers form a quickly growing video library. Unesco gives very specific policies on written documentation of ICH phenomena and rather scarce demands and recommendations for video production. The result is a great variety of styles and forms, some of them becoming predominant as they impact further visualisation of the ICH all over the world.

We shall open space for evaluation and exchange of experiences, and furthermore, we want to introduce visual production based on principles of visual ethnography. Thus, we invite visual anthropologists who research ICH phenomena to discuss theoretical, methodological, practical and ethical backgrounds of visual ethnography that can be useful in production of short videos for the ICH registers. Professionals from Unesco and state agencies, researchers, producers and authors of videos for ICH registers are invited to discuss strong and weak points of various video styles and give answers to questions: How do videos meet the Unesco’s demands, state strategies, professional attitudes of the researchers, aspirations of the heritage bearers, filmmaker’s visions, etc.? Where are these videos presented and to whom? What is the relation between written documents, photographs and videos on the ICH web-pages? What is the impact of the ICH videos on the presented heritage phenomena, their bearers, education processes, promotion of countries, touristic industry, etc.?

Call for papers is open till 31st May 2014. Please, send the abstract of your presentation (1000-1500 characters) to e-address stated below.

Short videos and ethnographic films on registered ICH phenomena will be shown in the evening, so we invite you to send the DVDs to the Slovene Ethnographic Museum together with data (title, place and time of recording, authors, producer, year of production, length, short description of the content, up to 1000 characters).


Contact person: Nadja Valentinčič Furlan
Department of ethnographic film
Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Metelkova 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia