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Croatia: place of the next ATHENE meeting / ATHENE ‐ Mediterranean Ancient Thetres  Network 

Arheološki muzej Istre

mjesto održavanja: Arheološki muzej Istre, Pula
datum početka/završetka: 09.09.2014. / 12.09.2014.
organizator: Arheološki muzej Istre, Pula

ATHENE is a Culture Programme project which group together 4 European partners to work on cultural matters. The overall 
objective of the Culture Programme is to enhance the cultural area shared by Europeans, which is based on a common cultural heritage, through the development of cooperation activities among cultural operators from different countries. ATHENE project aims to contribute to intercultural dialogue and cultural cooperation, through the revitalization and valorisation of Mediterranean Ancient Theatres (Greek and Roman legacy).
ATHENE partners: 
1.– Provincial Government of Burgos (Spain) 
2.– Society for the development of the Province of Burgos (Sodebur) - (Spain) 
3.– Municipality of Lecce (Italy)
4.– Archaeological Museum of Istria (Croatia)
The next meeting of ATHENE will take place during the month of September, 2014. The Archaeological Museum of Istria will host this meeting in one of the most important cities of Croatia, Pula. 
Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The peninsula is located at the head of the Adriatic between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner. It is shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.
ATHENE partners will have the possibility to study in further details the wide cultural heritage of the region. The schedule of the meeting is the following: 
First day : Good practices exchange workshop with European experts and Study Visit. 
Second day: Steering Group Meeting. 
Visits and debates of this next meeting will be detailed in the next issue of ATHENE newsletter (November, 2014).