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Herman Buršić

Vocation BA in history
Professional Grade senior lecturer in Italian and Latin (ret.)
Field of work History, history of the National Liberation War
Particular specialisation development and history of Istria, the Istrian Partisan press
Home institution Italian High School, Pula,
Museum of the People's Revolution of Istria, Pula,
Istrian History Museum
Faculty of Economics and Business - Department of Tourism, Rijeka
Herman Buršić was born in Krnica by Pula in 1928. While still a sixteen-year-old, he joined the Partisans, and remained with them until the end of the war, one of the youngest of the resistance fighters. He took a degree in history from the Faculty of Philosophy of Zagreb University. For some time he taught in the Italian high school, but spent most of his working life in the Museum of the Revolution of Istria in Pula. He wrote 130 papers on the NLW and the socialist revolution in Istria, and wrote three books about the Partisan press in Istria. He has investigated the history of Istria, the working class movement, the development of people’s power in Pula, economic conditions, the working class movement in Labin.
He has published in many periodicals and collections such as the Sjeverojadranski institut JAZU u Rijeci, Zbornik Poreštine, Katedra čakavskog sabora, Glas Istre and others.
He devoted the whole of his life to the study of the development and history of Istria. He wrote the scenario for the first set-up in the Brijuni National Park, for the Cultural and Historical Heritage Department in Brijuni.
He translated from Italian and Latin. He inventoried and studied the monuments and all the memorial tablets from Rovinj to Labin, and also taught Italian and Latin at the Economics Faculty, Tourism Department, Rijeka.
He won two medals for valour for his active participation in the NLW, the Services to the People Order, and for his devoted work, the Order of Labour with Gold Wreath and many other distinctions, prizes, charters, recognitions and letters of thanks.

NB. Data taken from the questionnaire, material taken from the Personnel Archives of the MDC, and from an interview recorded on October 20, 2003.


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