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Danica Draganić

Vocation ethnologist
Advanced qualifications MA in human sciences
Professional Grade curator (ret.)
Field of work ethnography, ethnographic characteristics of the Virovitica area
Particular specialisation photography, pharmaceutics, ethnology of the Roma
Home institution Virovitica Municipal Museum
Danica Draganić was born in Zagreb in 1934. She graduated first from the 8th Girls High School and then the Faculty of Philosophy, ethnology major, in Zagreb. She spent the whole of her working life, from 1966, in Virovitica Municipal Museum, where she was at first manager of the Ethnographic Collection, and later director.
She dealt with studies of the traditions of the rural life in Virovitica and the ethnographic features of the Virovitica region. She wrote several articles about the first curator in Virovitica, Drago Dopler. In her museum she put on some score of exhibitions, the most interesting of which are perhaps Photography: Old and New Virovitica; Apothecaries’ Books from the Monastery; Baroque in Slavonia; Spinning, Weaving and Embroidering; Busts of Croatian Women; On this Young Flight; and a number of art exhibitions and the Branislav Glumac Donation.
With her restless and adventurous spirit, she travelled much abroad - in Italy, Algeria, Austria, England, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Egypt, Turkey and America, where she visited many well known museums like the National Museum of the American Indian, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and others, of which she wrote articles for the Vijesti muzealaca i konzervatora, Informatica Museologica and others.
She is particularly to be credited with the conversion of the Pejačević Palace of 1804 (works on the roof, bringing in gas, electrical wiring, renovating the stairs) in which Virovitica Municipal Museum is located. She made four permanent displays for all the collections in the museum.
She has a particular interest in the ethnology of the Romany of the Virovitica area, which she plans to study in her retirement.

NB. Data taken from the questionnaire, material taken from the Personnel Archives of the MDC, and from an interview recorded on March 24, 2005.


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