Informatica Museologica is the only museological periodical in Croatia that has been published continuously since 1970 and deals with museum activities, reflects the role and vision of the museum community and represents the voice of museum professionals that today shape the varied contemporary museum and cultural context.

Our aim is to make the journal an open forum for diverse knowledge, experience, concepts and contemporary thinking, as well as to promote various forms of professional and scholarly research in museums.

This professional journal with its content encompasses current themes from museum theory and practice, contributions, research, reviews of exhibitions, reviews of museum publications, reviews from conferences and information about experience from Croatia and abroad. The periodical has the following permanent sections: Topic of this volume, Main Feature, Museum Theory and Practice, Views, Experiences, Events…, Congresses, Symposia, ICOM, Collectors, Conservation, Info.

The periodical is aimed at museum professionals, students, collectors and all other interested readers. Apart from experts from MDC, those contributing to the creation of the periodical include numerous contributors from Croatia and abroad, and we also carry some texts from museum periodicals from abroad.

It is published once per year with a print run of 500 copies in Croatian, with summaries in English


Editor: Lada Dražin-Trbuljak