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The library holdings, which have an average of 800 new titles every year, are divided into several collections.

  The Collection of Books contains publications by authors from Croatia and abroad from the field of museology, museography and the protection of museum objects, as well as from cultural history, the history of art, archaeology, ethnology and other linked disciplines. It encompasses monographs, handbooks, collections of articles, studies, museum, archaeological and cultural and historical guides. A separate segment is the Reference Collection with specialised encyclopaedias, dictionaries and museum directories.
  The Collection of Periodicals includes annual publications, periodicals and newspapers that primarily deal with museum themes and are published by museums in Croatia and abroad, by museum associations or specialized publishers. Some 350 current titles provide an insight into recent museum events in Croatia and abroad.
  The Collection of Exhibition Catalogues is the largest library collection. It is also a unique collection in Croatia since it contains the most comprehensive production of publications by Croatian museums and galleries. It also includes a large number of foreign catalogues of temporary exhibitions.
    The Collection of Masters' Theses and PhD Theses contains scholarly works by Croatian museum professionals from the field of museology and information sciences.
  The Collection of Manuscripts is made up of unpublished professional papers by MDC experts, Croatian museum professionals and students of museology. It includes seminar papers and graduation papers, technical papers for vocational degrees in the museum profession, reports, professional opinions, museological concepts, studies.
  The Collection of Electronic Publications is the most recent library collection and holds CD-ROMs dealing with museum themes. For the most part they are published by Croatian museums and consist of catalogues of temporary exhibitions, multimedia guides to permanent exhibitions or thematic monographs.
  The Bauer Collection includes the donation of rare museum guides, exhibition catalogues, art monographs and other library holdings with museum themes. The collection also holds the published and unpublished works of Antun Bauer.