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MDC survey – online visits to Croatian museums in 2022

For the third year in a row, the MDC collected data on online visits showing the total that the number of user activity on museum websites has decreased compared to 2021. more

Call for papers: INFORMATICA MUSEOLOGICA 54/2023

The journal Informatica Museologica 54/2023 is looking for contributions for the upcoming issue that will be dedicated to the topic of "island museums". more

Post-quake Reconstruction of Zagreb Museums

Two years ago, an earthquake struck Zagreb. A year has passed since the signing of contracts for the post-quake reconstruction. Our latest research shows how far has come the reconstruction of Zagreb museums. more

How to protect museum collections from earthquake damage

Jerry Podany and McKenzie Lowry from the J. Paul Getty Museum led a virtual workshop on how to avoid damage to heritage collections in museums caused by earthquakes. The full report read here.



Muzeologija 59 – Lasting challenges of permanent exhibitions

The new issue of Muzeologija features a series of articles by Croatian and European colleagues who address challenges and approaches when creating new permanent exhibitions, and also the results of the MDC's research on permanent exhibitions in Croatian museums. abstracts 

Informatica Museologica 52 (2021) – Museums in the Age of Corona

The current issue of Informatica Museologica examines the impact of the pandemic on the Croatian museum sector—from the problems faced by museums during the pandemic to the ways in which they have adapted to the new situation. online


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Museum News


Oton Iveković: Retrospective (through June 11, 2023)

Klovićevi Dvori Gallery in Zagreb presents the works of one of the leading artists of Croatian modernity who was also the most prolific and prominent author of historical painting. more 

Renata Poljak: News (through April 2, 2023)

The National Museum of Modern Art is premiering the exhibition News by the Croatian multimedia artist and director Renata Poljak which is taking place at the Josip Račić Gallery. more 

Ethnographic Museum of Istria / Not all roses: Women and work in Istria (through June 30, 2023)

The exhibition concept is based on connecting the personal stories of the narrators with museum objects as symbolic bearers of experiences. more 

Museum facts and data


Croatian museum statistics 2021

The Croatian Museum Statistics overview for 2021 was produced after analysis of data from the Register of Museums, galleries, and collections in Croatia about 164 legally established and registered museums. more

Online visits to Croatian museums in 2021

Although the Croatian museums were open in 2021, they continued to build their online presence and virtual communication with their audience. MDC collected and analyzed the relevant data to identify trends in online visits during the past year. more

Museum attendance in Croatia grows 74% in 2021 but remains far below pre-pandemic levels

In 2021, year two of the pandemic, Croatian museums recorded 2,549,841 visitors, a 74% upturn compared to 2020, but still at only 48% of the 5,2 million they had in 2019. more

MDC research - Summer stops plummeting of visitors

A favorable epidemiological situation and a good tourist season in July and August 2021 strongly affected the number of museum visitors. MDC collected data about the number of visitors to the five most visited museums in Croatia during those two months. more

Upcoming Events


FRH Conference 2023 – European Sustainable Religious Heritage (April 20-22, 2023)

The FRH Biennial Conference is a high-level event that brings together members of the academia, policymakers, heritage practitioners, and other relevant actors to analyze the current scenario of religious heritage in Europe. more

INTERCOM DOHA 2023 – The Future Museum. Framing the Skills and Mindsets of the Visionary Leader Conference (May 6-9, 2023)

This conference builds on the results of a large-scale museum leadership survey that ICOM – INTERCOM undertook in 2021 to explore the impact of global crises. more

Provenance Research in Action: Theory, Tools and Implementation (June 12-16, 2023)

The Society of the History of Collecting, in partnership with some of the most relevant London-based museums, libraries, and academic institutions, will run a week-long, hands-on, workshop on provenance research. more

To See


Finder of miraculous

The exhibition Finder of miraculous at the Infeld Haus der Kultur in Vienna provides a representative insight into the impressive diversity of the outstanding Art Brut and Outsider Art collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. more

Faces of Hunger

Faces of Hunger explore our relationship with food and the fear of its unavailability. The exhibition project is a joint effort between the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb and the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. more

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Croatian museums had more than 3.4 million visitors in 2022, which is 35.6% more than in 2021, but still far less than in the pre-pandemic year 2019. more

Memories for the future… on the 35th anniversary of the Mimara Museum

The Mimara Museum, currently closed to the public due to damages suffered in the Zagreb earthquake, has published a virtual exhibition and accompanying catalogue to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its opening. more

Ivan Kožarić: A Retrospective – exhibition catalogue

In 2021 Ivan Kožarić (1921 – 2020) would have turned 100. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb marked the centenary of his birth with a retrospective exhibition. more

The Attraction and the Enigma of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The book Liber and the Mummy delves into the history and importance of the two most famous objects from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb: the Zagreb Mummy and the Linen Book of Zagrebmore

MDC's virtual exhibitions


The Tomislav Šola photographic slide collection

MDC's Zrinka Marković has curated three online exhibitions of photographic slides from the donation of Tomislav Šola. The slides depict scenes he captured during visits to numerous world museums and monuments from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. more