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Post-quake Reconstruction of Zagreb Museums

Two years ago, an earthquake struck Zagreb. A year has passed since the signing of contracts for the post-quake reconstruction. Our latest research shows how far has come the reconstruction of Zagreb museums. more

How to protect museum collections from earthquake damage

Jerry Podany and McKenzie Lowry from the J. Paul Getty Museum led a virtual workshop on how to avoid damage to heritage collections in museums caused by earthquakes. The full report read here.

MDC research - state and challanges of museum storages in Croatia

On International Museum Day, the documentalists of the MDC presented the first comprehensive analysis of the state and challenges of preserving heritage in Croatian museums at the conference Museum Storages – From Collection Care to Collection Policy.  more



Informatica Museologica 52 (2021) – Museums in the Age of Corona

The current issue of Informatica Museologica examines the impact of the pandemic on the Croatian museum sector—from the problems faced by museums during the pandemic to the ways in which they have adapted to the new situation. online

Muzeologija 58 – Museums in Earthquake – Earthquake in a Museum

The issue deals with 2020 earthquakes, damage caused to materials and buildings, experiences and challenges, consequences and lessons, trying to answer the question why moderate earthquakes have hit us immoderately. online


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Museum News


Sean Scully: The Passenger – A Retrospective Exhibition (Nov 16, 2022 – Mar 12, 2023)

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb presents the retrospective exhibition of the American abstract painter Sean Scully. The exhibition curator is Dávid Fehér. more

Artists on Artists – A Visual Panopticon (through Nov 13, 2022)

The exhibition presents a hundred or so portraits in which some of the best Croatian painters, sculptors, graphic artists, and photographers portrayed their colleagues. more

ICOM adopts a new museum definition

The International Council of Museums adopted a new museum definition at the ICOM General Conference in Prague on August 24, 2022. It includes, for the first time, phrases like inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability, and ethics. more.

Vučedol – European Heritage Label

The Vučedol Culture Museum and Archaeological Site were awarded the European Heritage Label in Brussels on June 13-14, 2022. This Museum represents one of the earliest Indo-European cultures on the right bank of the Danube River in eastern Croatia.

Museum facts and data


Croatian museum statistics 2021

Croatian Museum Statistics overview for 2021 was produced after analysis of data from the Register of Museums, galleries, and collections in Croatia about 164 legally established and registered museums. more

Online visits to Croatian museums in 2021

Although the Croatian museums were open during 2021, they continued to build their online presence and virtual communication with their audience. To identify trends in online visits during the past year, MDC collected and analyzed the relevant data. more

Museum attendance in Croatia grows 74% in 2021 but remains far below pre-pandemic levels

In 2021, year two of the pandemic, Croatian museums recorded 2,549,841 visitors, a 74% upturn compared to 2020, but still at only 48% of the 5,2 million they had in 2019. more

MDC research - Summer stops plummeting of visitors

A favorable epidemiological situation and a good tourist season in July and August 2021 strongly affected the number of museum visitors. MDC collected the data about the number of visitors to the five most visited museums in Croatia during those two months. more



Museum Next: DIGITAL EXHIBITIONS SUMMIT (December 5-6, 2022)

This virtual conference will discuss how to incorporate digital into exhibitions, addressing all the important trends—from immersive exhibits to audio guides, and virtual reality to robots. more

To See


Faces of Hunger

Faces of Hunger explore our relationship with food and the fear of its unavailability. The exhibition project is a joint effort between the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb and the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. more

Pencil me in

The collection of dance cards on view at the Museum of Slavonia in Osijek gives an overview of the development of these small decorative objects and, generally, ladies' accessories made to keep track of dance partners. more

Sad Songs of war

The exhibition Sad Songs of War is created in response to the war events in Ukraine, presenting works from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb that thematize war. more


The exhibition on view at the Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik presents paintings and sculptures that show the human figure, exploring the notion of the human body, which is not just a mere manifestation of the flesh, but a reflection of spirituality. more

"A Dragon Descends on Ukraine..." – A virtual exhibition dedicated to Maria Prymachenko

A day after the invasion of Ukraine, the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art selected a dozen works of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko which had been presented at the exhibition held in 2007. više

To Read


Memories for the future… on the 35th anniversary of the Mimara Museum

The Mimara Museum, currently closed to the public due to damages suffered in the Zagreb earthquake, has published a virtual exhibition and accompanying catalogue to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its opening. more

Ivan Kožarić: A Retrospective – exhibition catalogue

In 2021 Ivan Kožarić (1921 – 2020) would have turned 100. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb marked the centenary of his birth with a retrospective exhibition. more

The Attraction and the Enigma of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The book Liber and the Mummy delves into the history and importance of the two most famous objects from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb: the Zagreb Mummy and the Linen Book of Zagrebmore

MDC's virtual exhibitions


The Tomislav Šola photographic slide collection

MDC's Zrinka Marković has curated two online exhibitions of digitized photographic slides from the donation of Tomislav Šola that depict scenes he captured during visits to numerous world museums and monuments from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. more