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The Ausch Manor - now the Gallery

The Erdödy Manor House - now the Moslavina Museum


The present task of the Museum is the transfer of true, comprehensive and non-ideological human experience.


The Moslavina Museum in Kutina is a complex museum institution that deals with the collection, cataloguing, presentation and publication of the cultural and historical heritage in the broader region of Moslavina and western Slavonia. It was founded as the Museum of the Revolution and as an archive in 1960. The first head of the Museum was Slavko Degoricija.

The professional activities of the Museum are carried out in four departments: the History Department, the Archaeological Department, the Ethnographic Department and the Gallery of Paintings and Sculptures. The Museum also has a library that is closed to the public.

The part of the Museum activities that includes the professional cataloguing, presentation and preparations for the publication of collected material is carried out in Kutina, in two buildings: in the Museum building (the Erdödy manor house from the 18th century) and the Gallery building (the "old bank" from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century). The original Baroque appearance of the Museum building was changed during the Historicist restoration in 1895, a restoration that is recorded on the gable. In front of the eastern (entrance) facade of the manor house there was a small Romantic-Historicist park covering an area of 3900 sq. metres. The ground-plan pattern for the park was a circle with flowers placed on the axis of the entrance to the house.

The Museum holdings include more than 4893 items, fragments, archival documents and books. Over the past several years the building was treated for damp, so that the oldest and most beautiful example of secular architecture in the Moslavina region will continue to exist not only in a material sense, but also as a cultural institution for promoting permanent spiritual values of the past into the future.