The Library is open to the public weekdays except Monday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm..

Since its establishment more than a century ago, the Library has acquired numerous valuable publications on archaeology, history and history or art. It houses over 50,000 volumes, including 8 incunabula and about 170 16th-century books.

Here is also a collection of posters, announcements, old geographical maps, print collections and art collections.

The archival material, which is significant for the history of Dalmatia, comprises a separate unit including legacies of Father F. Bulic, Trogirski statut, prijepis iz 1444. godineM. Abramic, L. Jelic, F. Carrara, J. Bajamonti, and the Pavlovic-Lucic family. In 1878, the Archaeological Museum started with the publication of Croatia's first archaeological periodical Bullettino di archeologia e storia dalmata, which since 1920 had been issued under the Croatian title Vjesnik za arheologiju i historiju dalmatinsku (Journal on Dalmatian Archaeology and History).

The library material is presented to the public through occasional exhibitions.
Head of the Library: Arsen Duplancic

First issue of Bullettino di archeologia e storia dalmata (Journal of Dalmatian Archaeology and History), 1878

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