The Prehistoric Collection houses over 5,000 artifacts ranging in date from the Paleolithic to the beginning of the new era that have been found on archaeological sites from the Krka river in the north to Croatia's southern border..

The Collection includes Neolithic artifacts excavated at the Danilo-Bitinja archaeological site in the hinterland of Sibenik after which this entire period is called the Middle Neolithic Danilo culture of the Eastern Adriatic Coast; remains of material culture ranging from the Early Neolithic age to the 3rd century B.C., found in the Skarin Samograd cave near Drnis; valuable remains from the locality Dugis east of Sinj including articles dating from the Middle Bronze Age and later periods, such as fragments of imported Hellenistic Gnathia ceramics (remains of the only pile settlement so far discovered in Croatia); remains of Illyrian and Greek ceramics dating back to the 4th c. B.C. found in four explored Illyiran graves at the Vicja Luka archaeological site on the island of Brac.

Dating from the period of Romanization are the remains found in the Milasev Tumulus (the River Cetina) as well as urns which in addition to mortal remains contain various everyday artifacts such as fibulas, knives, earrings, and the like. These urns also contain remains of the local Illyrian and Roman culture.

In the village of Skrip on the island of Brac, an Illyrian hill-fort has been discovered where in addition to partially preserved megalithic stone walls different remains of material culture have been found. These range in date from the Bronze Age to the Roman period.

The collection of archaeological artifacts that have been found and collected by the archeologist Ivan Marovic during extensive research of stone grave-mounds located along the River Cetina is known under the title Central Dalmatian Cetina Culture of the Late Copper and Early Bronze Ages. The remains of this culture can be found from Ravni Kotari in the north all the way down to Albania in the south. The Collection houses fragments of ceramic objects dating from the Bronze and Iron Age and originating from the hill-forts scattered throughout Central Dalmatia, both along the coast and on off-shore islands. Included in this Collection are also valuable metal articles, notably fibulae.

The manager of the Collection is the curator Damir Kliskic.

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