Sarcophagus of the good shepherd

  • Between A.D. 310 and 315
  • Solin, a Salonitan workshop
  • Dressed marble
  • Dimensions of the coffin: length: 235 cm, height: 130 cm; Cover: length: 266 cm, height: 102 cm, width: 134 cm

At the front, the sarcophagus is divided into three sections: In the middle is the good shepherd carrying a sheep on his shoulders, to the left is a woman with a child surrounded by a group of people, and to the right a man with a scroll around whom a group of people is gathered. Depicted on the right side of the coffin is the door to Hades. To be seen on the left side is a winged amoretto with a torch turned upside down.

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design Novena Studio