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Marina Baričević

Vocation BA (lit.)
Professional Grade art critic
Field of work Art history, art criticism
Particular specialisation Ceramics, sculpture
Home institution Ivan Meštrović Foundation - Ivan Meštrović Atelier
Radio Zagreb
Marina Baričević was born in 1941 in Zagreb, where she was also educated. She took a degree at the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb University (comparative literature). Her first job was in Radio Zagreb, from 1970 to 1991, where she was editor, commentator and art critic, editing the programme Let’s talk about visual/art culture.
From 1991 to 1994 she was director of the Ivan Meštrovic Foundation in Zagreb, Split and Otavice. In a number of actions, donations and a lot of engagement while director she rescued the complete Meštrovic Studio, took in hand the introduction of electrical wiring in the Split Meštrović Gallery, and planted 110 sponsored olive trees in Crkvine, Split.
From 1996 to 2006 she worked part time as art critic for the Rijeka paper Novi list and was editor of a special art magazine supplement for Privredni vjesnik, Zagreb. She also wrote for several other journals and papers-Vjesnik, Oko, Radost, for example. Since 1983 she has also written for the Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Institute, in editions such as the Universal Encyclopaedia, Encyclopaedia of Croatian Art, Visual Art Encyclopaedia of Yugoslavia, Croatian Biographical Lexicon.
In 1990 she was elected a member of the International Ceramics Academy in Geneva. She has created over 150 exhibitions in Croatia and elsewhere (Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia and the USA). She has written numerous essays and reviews and a great many forewords for catalogues. She has acted as member or chair of various art committees, commissions, councils, juries and colonies.
She has published eighteen specialised books in the discipline, among which one should mention the History of Modern Ceramics in Croatia (Zagreb, 1986) (2nd enlarged edition, 1996), a monograph Kamilo Tompa, Zagreb, 1990; a monograph Velibor Macukatin, Bol, 1993; Hinko Gudac, Zagreb, 1997; a small monograph Vojko Radoičić, Makarska, 1999; Luck Heirs – selected critiques, Zagreb, 2w001; Letters 1970-2004; Artists to the Lady Critic, Rijeka, 2004; Mirror Image, Opatija in the work of artists, Opatija, 2005; Mediterranean Fascination, Makarska Coastline as inspiration in art, Makarska, 2007; Branka Frangeš Hegedušić , 1007.
She has been a professional adviser and screenplay writer for several documentary films about painters and potters. Since 2006 she has written part time for the Split Feral Tribune.
Marina Baričević retired in 2001.

NB. Data taken from the questionnaire, material taken from the Personnel Archives of the MDC, and from an interview recorded onFebruary 12, 2008


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