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Lucija Benyovsky

Vocation BA, history
Advanced qualifications MA in human sciences
Professional Grade museum adviser (ret.)
Field of work history, National Liberation War, documentary collections and documentary studies
Particular specialisation working class movement, history of women’s associations
Home institution Croatian History Museum
Lucija Benyovsky was born in 1940 in Seget Donji, near Trogir. She graduated from high school and the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. From 1964 she worked in the Museum of the Revolution of the Peoples of Croatia in Zagreb, later renamed the Croatian History Museum. In the CHM she was manager of the collection of NLW printed matter, and then manager of the documentary collection of the NLW. She also did a post-graduate course in Zagreb. She created many exhibitions, pieces of writing and articles, as well as forewords to catalogues. She took part in 17 domestic and several international conferences at which she gave addresses on the topic of the working class movement. Her main preoccupation was the history of women’s associations, on which she printed a book, and among other things organised an important exhibition with a cross section of all the women’s papers and periodicals from WWI to the present time. She published her writings in daily papers and weeklies, specialised periodicals and in papers for children and young people.
Among the last exhibitions she devised and created, for which she created the initial idea, the script and the catalogue, the most important was Goran and His Home Country, in which she presented the life and work of poet Ivan Goran Kovačić for the Ivan Goran Kovačić Memorial Museum in Lukovdol.
Since 2005, Lucija Benyovsky has been retired.

NB. Data taken from the questionnaire, material taken from the Personnel Archives of the MDC, and from an interview recorded on June 20, 2002.


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