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Hrvatski nacionalni komitet ICOM / Predavanje: Owain Rhys / Collecting the 21st Century - A Welsh Perspective

mjesto održavanja: MMC Luka, Istarska 30, Pula
datum početka/završetka: 09.05.2013. / 09.05.2013.
vrijeme održavanja: u 12 sati
organizator: Hrvatski nacionalni komitet ICOM

Hrvatski nacionalni komitet ICOM-a u suradnji sa Adriamuse (www.adriamuse.org)  poziva Vas na predavanje 'Collecting the 21st Century - A Welsh Perspective' koje će održati Owain Rhys, kustos Contemporary Life at St Fagans: National History Museum iz Cardiffa, Wales. Nakon predavanja održat će se radionica  'What would you collect? Today's objects for future generations'.
Predavanje i radionica će se održati u četvrtak, 9. svibnja 2013. godine u Puli u prostoru MMC LUKA, Istarska 30 u 12 sati.

Izlaganje i radionica će biti na engleskom jeziku, bez prijevoda.

Owain Rhys is Curator of Contemporary Life at St Fagans: National History Museum, one of seven Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales sites. He graduated in Archaeology in 1999, and recently completed an MA with the School of Museum Studies, Leicester University. His book, Contemporary Collecting: Theory and Practice is based on the dissertation for that course. He is currently co-editing a collection of essays on the same topic. He is a member of Contemporary Collecting Wales, a group of curators interested in developing and administering a post-1950 distributed National Collection for Wales. Recent projects include an exhibition about Welsh pop music, displays about graffiti artists and LGBT life in Wales, a survey and recording of Italian immigrants in Wales, an exhibtion on the Animation industry in Wales, and the Refugee House, a gallery installation populated with refugees and asylum seekers. Originally from Llandwrog, North Wales, he now lives in Cardiff with his wife, Lleucu, and two children, Gruffudd and Dyddgu