Archive of Museums and Galleries in Croatia

This archive contains documents about the historical development of all museums in the Republic of Croatia, annual reports and programs, surveys, projects. The Archive of Museums and Galleries in Croatia also holds information about new exhibitions, permanent displays, museum inventories, conservation and safekeeping of museum documentation, records, blueprints of exhibition designs.

Homeland War Archive

This archive holds documents that are thematically linked with the Homeland War (1991-1995), information about museums, galleries and their holdings that were damaged, destroyed or stolen during the war, records of the measures taken to protect the heritage, reports by fact-finding missions undertaken by ICOM, the Council of Europe and UNESCO in collaboration with the MDC as well as a register of War damage to museums and galleries in Croatia.

Personal archive of distinguished curators

The Personnel Archives are MDC’s project initiated at the beginning of 2002 in order to collect relevant documents and information about the work of prominent museum professionals, biographical and bibliographical data, books, monographs, journals, masters’ and doctors’ theses, studies, offprints, projects, letters, photographs, video, and audio recordings, CDs and other documents. The aims were to preserve the intangible cultural heritage and to enrich existing holdings: archives, libraries, photographic archives, video-archives, CD-archives...