Here you can find texts, overviews, data, and facts about Croatian museums. They were created through various research and data analyses with the aim of gaining insight into the condition and trends in different segments of museum activity and museums in general.

Annual Museum Visitor Survey 

Croatian Museum Statistics Overview

Annual overviews are created by analyzing data from the Register of Museums, Galleries, and Collections in Croatia according to categories: founder, the scope of activity, type of museum/collection, the structure of professional staff, access to the Internet, museum website.

Special Surveys and Research


We also present projects by the European Group on Museum Statistics (EGMUS) in which MDC has been taking part from its begginings in 2002 (from 2017 as a Core Group member). This international cooperation makes possible a comparative analysis of Croatian museums with museums in other European countries. 
The national report prepared for EGMUS presents the current situation of museums in Croatia (cultural and museum policies, collection of the data, other museum-related data, etc.). You can read the last updated version from 2019 here.


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