The Collection of Museum Posters had its origins in the donation by our founder and collector Antun Bauer. Since 1973, when the cataloging of the posters from the collection began, 19.000 posters were collected. The main focus of the collection is on the Croatian museum posters published from the mid 20th century to the present time. The collection documents the exhibitions and other activities (lectures, campaigns, manifestations, festivals, etc.) of the Croatian museums and galleries, as well as those from some European countries.

Most of the posters are by anonymous authors, but the Collection also holds numerous works by renowned Croatian artists and designers like I. Picelj, B. Ljubičić, B. Bućan, A. Rašić, N. Dogan, D. Brčić, M. Licul, R. Novak, Bruketa & Žinić, Sensus Design Factory, and others.

A special group consists of posters that were commissioned by the MDC to mark International Museum Day and there is a collection of anti-war posters, that were created during the Homeland War in Croatia. Both of these groups are very valuable, especially the posters that illustrate the recommended themes for International Museum Day.


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