The Library of the Museum Documentation Centre (MDC) is a special library that was founded in 1955 by a donation by the founder of MDC Antun Bauer, the Croatian museologist and collector.

The library holdings, which number some 50,000 units, cover the field of knowledge about museums and museum activities. They cover museological literature as well as publications by museums and galleries from Croatia and abroad.

The library acquires its holdings through long-term exchange with museums and other museological and heritage institutions from Croatia and abroad, through gifts and purchases, all in line with a precisely defined acquisition policy that reflects the professional, scholarly, educational and information needs and demands of the Croatian museum community.

With its library holdings, accompanying information tools (catalogs, databases) and services, the MDC library attempts to support basic activities and the mission of the MDC as the central node of the Croatian museum network. At the same time, it is a reference point for the entire Croatian museum community, which includes the academic group of users (theoreticians and professors of museology and information sciences, students, postgraduate students) and museum professionals (from museum technical staff to curators).

With its holdings systematically set up in several large collections, the library is also open to users from other disciplines – historians and historians of art, conservation and restoration professionals, as well as journalists and all kinds of scholars from different branches of study.


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