In 2015 the MDC launched the newsletter News from the Museum World to inform museum professionals and the general public about trending museum-related topics, create new users of the museum and heritage-related content and develop cooperation between professionals.

The editorial composed of MDC staff conceived the newsletter as an electronic magazine, sent twice a month by e-mail to nearly two thousand users (museum professionals, faculty staff, and other educational institutions'' employees as well as employees of institutes, government entities, administrative units, and of other heritage institutions). Current museum and heritage-related topics are covered according to professional journalistic standards in a visually appealing manner illustrated with carefully selected photo and video content. Articles also link to additional content and are easily shared between users via email and social networks.

All texts are published in Croatian.

ISSN: 2459-8690

Editorial: Maja Kocijan, Iva Validžija, Ivona Marić

Editor-in-chief: Ivan Branimir Guberina