City in a Museum of Memories (2021)

City in a Museum of Memories presents 35 digitized photographic slides from the Tomislav Šola Collection showing street scenes from Milan, Comacchi, Paris, Barcelona, Cuenca, Belfast, Brno, Antwerp, Thessaloniki, Zagreb, Mexico City, Puebla, Montreal, Gatineau, Boston, and a fictional city street at Disneyland in Anaheim among them.
The virtual exhibition, with the help of Google Street View, allows before and after comparison. In addition, the viewer can "step out" of the frame and walk around, follow the imaginary steps of the author and guess which path he was taking, where he might have stopped and what he visited. This way the viewer creates the course of the story. This virtual exhibition was curated by Zrinka Marković. >>>


Spirit of Place (2020)

Art historian, museologist, retired university professor, curator, and former director of the Museum Documentation Center Tomislav Šola donated several thousand slides to the MDC. They depict scenes he captured during visits to numerous world museums and monuments from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. He used those slides as a presentation tool during lectures.
Spirit of Place presents 39 digitized photographic slides recorded throughout Europe, Mexico, the United States, Canada, and India. They show museums—their exteriors, interiors, permanent and temporary exhibitionsas well as other heritage sites and interesting details. The virtual exhibition is curated by Zrinka Marković.  >>>