In order to make our editorial work easier, please follow the instructions.

A contribution should contain:

  • information about the author
    Information about the author should include the name and surname of the author, the name of the institution, city, professional degree and email.
  • the text
    Texts in the sections Topic of this Volume and Museum Theory and Practice can contain between 7000 and 10 000 characters with spaces, and texts in other sections between 3000 and 5000 characters. Shorter contributions are welcome in the Info section.
  • list of footnotes
    Footnotes should be numbered consecutively starting from 1, and written after the body of the article or on a separate page.
  • summary
    The text of the summary can contain a maximum of 1800 characters.
  • illustrations
    Photographs, slides and graphic illustrations can be used to illustrate texts. They need to be delivered separately from the text.
    Photographs, tables and graphic illustrations must be numbered and must have written captions.

technical instructions

  • Please send all contributions to the address of the Editorial Office of Informatica museologica in one copy, on CD-ROM or on a diskette and printed on A4-size paper.
  • All contributions must be written on a computer, in some form of MS Word, saved in MS Word document file (**.doc or **.rtf). The printed version and the file must be identical.
  • We suggest you use the Times New Roman font.
  • The font size is 12, with 1.5 line spacing.
  • The titles of books and periodicals in the text should be written in italics.
  • The selection of photographs (black and white or colour) or slides should also be enclosed in their original form or scanned (on diskette or CD-ROM) in tiff or jpeg format in 300 dpi resolution.


rights and obligations

  • The Editors reserve the right to select articles for publication.
  • They also reserve the right to shorten texts with prior consultations with the author without infringing upon the sense and concept of the article.
  • Articles published in Informatica Museologica are not subject to remuneration.


Contributions should be sent by mail to MDC, handed in personally, sent by email to the address of the editor, Lada Dražin Trbuljak: or to the address of the editorial office:

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